Investment Strategy

The integration of technology into the financial services industry is allowing companies to solve their most pressing issues faster and better resulting in improved delivery of financial services.

We believe that the mortgage industry is on the cusp of disruption as the

industry currently struggles with legacy infrastructures, manually intensive

processes, and an inability to scale.

legacy infrastructure graphic.png
manually intensive process graphic.png

Legacy Infrastructure

Most established mortgage lenders are burdened by high cost legacy structures, imperfect personnel models and reliance on antiquated third-party technology.

With a vast array of manually intensive processes,  the mortgage industry is highly susceptible to the disruption other industries are already facing from Artificial Intelligence.

Manually Intensive Processes

inability to scale graphic.png

Inability to Scale

The intensive nature of the mortgage lending industry makes rightsizing personnel and costs difficult under changing market conditions.

Our objective is to identify and partner with companies in the mortgage industry that are established, yet nimble, and positioned as disruptors leveraging business process outsourcing, technology and artificial intelligence.